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Our Partners:
We represent various organisations from all over the world as sole representative in most African states.

FOSS provides and supports dedicated, rapid and accurate analytical solutions. Instruments which analyse and control the quality and production of agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and chemical products to the enhancement of our customers’ business

A&D Company, Ltd. is a world-class producer of advanced measuring, monitoring, controlling and testing instruments. Individuals with varied educational and technical skills use these instruments in a wide range of applications.

PERTEN: Specialists in quality control of grain, flour, food and feed. Perten Instruments serves its customers through 4 business areas: Grain, Flour, Feed and Food

Tanaka manufactures equipments that perfoms automatic determination of Kinematic Viscosity of transparent as well as opaque petroleum samples using temperature control, timing, draining, cleaning/drying and reporting are done automatically

ATAGO has been the leader in refractometer technology for over 69 years. The history of Refractometers began with a basic model – a simple analog instrument. Today, refractometers are highly sophisticated due to the advancement of technology and the incorporation of high precision electronics into a refractometer.

EDT: EDT directION have a proud tradition of manufacturing and supplying both conventional and cutting edge electrochemistry products. The products are manufactured and fully supported in the UK by technical specialists and engineers.The major areas of speciality are pH, Conductivity, Ion measurement and Dissolved Oxygen. EDT directION manufacture meters, probes and consumables in all of these areas thereby offering the total solution to your electrochemistry requirement. The products are widely used in many areas particularly water, food, bio-medical and environmental industries.

Cecil Instruments: Cecil Instruments are leading designers and manufacturers of HPLC systems, Ion Chromatography systems and UV / Visible Spectrophotometers.

CHOPIN Technologies, Tripette & Renaud subsidiary, is specialised in methods and equipment for the quality control of cereals, flours, and their by-products. The company offers products and services to cereal industries needing to carry out analyses to satisfy operational requirements and current regulations and to meet customer specifications

SINAR Technology:
Sinar Technology specialises in the development and manufacture of a range of moisture meters and moisture analysis products for both agricultural and industrial applications.They use the latest microprocessor technology for the measurement of moisture. Moisture is probably the most widely measured constituent in any commodity or foodstuff. Today's cost conscious markets are increasingly dependent upon equipment that can provide rapid and accurate measurements without the destruction of the commodity or product.

Endecotts are the world's leading manufacturer of quality laboratory test sieves, sieve shakers, filters and related laboratory equipment. Over 70 years manufacturing experience give Endecotts an enviable reputation for quality and accuracy.

Experts in the design and manufacture of production plants, implementation of measurement and control engineering,Fermentation and peripherals equipments, probes and measuring systems.

CAL2k:The CAL2k bomb calorimeter systems are the most advanced fully automatic "dry" static jacket isothermal bomb calorimeter systems available today. A quality product which produces accurate results

POBEL destaca por amplio rango de productos, por sus EQUIPOS DE DESTILACION DE AGUA y de filtración, asi como sus REACTORES y la versatilidad para FABRICAR A MEDIDA Y REPARAR cualquier pieza de vidrio para laboratorio.

Food Technology Corporation The leading manufacturer of texture analyzers to the food industry. For over 40 years, FTC has demonstrated the benefit of a scientific, yet practical approach to food texture analysis.

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