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Inframatic 8620 Feed Analyzer

Smaller sites should take a look at the Inframatic 8620. Using proven and robust NIR technology, it can determine most parameters that the Diode Array 7200 determines. The Inframatic 8620 requires a lab mill for sample preparation.
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Laboratory Mill 120 or 3100

Approved hammer mills for preparation of whole grain and pellets. Produces a fine, homogeneous sample suitable for NIR measurements of protein, oil etc.

Laboratory Mill 3303 or 3600
Approved disc mills for moisture content determination. LM 3600 is suitable for grinding large sized material, such as pellets for example.

Additional products
Inframatic 9200 Grain AnalyzerFor those who only need quality control of incoming grain and oilseed shipments, the Inframatic 9200 is the choice. In only 40 seconds it determines moisture, protein, oil and more in grains and oilseeds at raw material intake.
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Aquamatic 5100 Moisture MeterDetermine moisture and test weight in all kinds of grains and oilseeds. The Aquamatic is based on recent development work performed by the USDA and is the most accurate moisture meter available.
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