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DA 7200 NIR Analyzer
Fast, accurate, easy-to-use, versatile Six second analysis of whole grains, flour, semolina, bran, bakery mixes, shortening, oil and others. Measure parameters such as moisture, protein, ash, starch damage, water absorption - and more - with little/no grinding or other sample preparation. Read more >>

DA 7300 On-line NIR Analyzer

Process control - Determine moisture, protein, ash and more in real-time. The DA 7300 automatically feeds the information back to your process control system for instant optimization. Calibrations are fully transferable between the DA 7300 and the DA 7200.

Inframatic 9140 Flour Analyzer
Practical and dedicated - Low cost NIR analyzer for moisture, protein and ash content and more in flour and meal. Instrument is of rugged design, and suitable for laboratory and at-line operation.

Inframatic 9200 Grain Analyzer

Whole grain analyzer for 40-second analysis of Moisture, Protein and other parameters in whole grains. Suitable for use at grain intake and at-line placement for temper control. Read more >>

The Falling Number System

World standard - Determine Falling Number (sprout damage) in grain and flour.. Read more >>

The Glutomatic System

Protein quality - The world standard for rapid and accurate quality testing of gluten in wheat whole meal and flour. Read more >>

Rapid Visco Analyser

Functional analysis - Measure gelatinization characteristics of flour for cakes, breads, batters, pasta and noodles, anti-staling, heat treatment of flour, solvent retention capacity, enzyme activity such as alpha-amylase and bug damage, diastatic activity such as malt flour and fungal amylase.

Dough testing - Flexible dough rheometer with conventional z-arm mixing action. Determine water absorption, mixing tolerance, stability, and gelling characteristics of grain and composite flour doughs. Virtually blend flours analyzed flours to create a flour with specific characteristics. Applications for baked products, pasta and noodles. Read more >>

Aquamatic Grain Moisture Meter

Best accuracy available - Low-cost moisture analyzer for grain, suitable for testing both incoming grain and grain after tempering.

Laboratory Mills

Long lasting - Approved hammer and disc mills for sample preparation of whole grain and other materials.

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