Jaagee Limited


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Jaagee Ltd is a wholly owned Nigerian company with international connections across all continents.

At JaaGee, we represent a number of manufacturers and we are the sole representative of all the manufacturers / retailers listed in our partners page.

The company began operation in Nigeria in 1987 and has since spread its branches to four countries namely Ghana, Ivory Coast, UK and Liberia

JaaGee is a leading name in the supply, installation and servicing of science and technology equipments in West Africa.

JaaGee currently enjoys patronage of all economic sectors ranging from;

1. Food & Feeds industries
2. Manufacturing Industries (Vegetable Oil, Flour milling)
3. Government Parastatals
4. Oil and Gas
5. Healthcare & Phamaceuticals
6. Wine & Beer
7. Confectionery
8. Biotechnology
9. Milk & Diary
10. Water & Soil

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