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Our laboratory products range form fnctionality to functionality. We have set out to solve several problems involved in providing adequate solutions to laboratory related needs.

Digestion Systems
The Tecator™ Digestion systems are designed for simultaneous, manual or automatic, batch digestion of 8 or 20 samples in 250ml or 100ml tubes. A 40 tube, 100ml version is also available. Read more

FIAstar™ 5000 Systems.
The FIAstar™ Systems are flow injection analysis instruments for automatic wet chemical analysis of a wide range of analytes in water, wine, soil, meat and dairy products. Read more >>

Fibertec™ Systems

Fibertec™ Systems are semi-automated instruments designed for crude, detergent and dietary fibre determinations. FiberCap™ is a low cost modular system offering high capacity.
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Kjeltec™ systems
Kjeltec™ systems provide semi-automated to fully automated systems for Kjeldahl protein/nitrogen analysis and other distillation methods.

Soxtec™ Systems

The Soxtec™ Systems are fast automated solvent extraction units for food, feed, textiles, water, plastics, rubber and many more analytes. A complementary Hydrolysis system, SoxCap™ enables Total Fat determinations.
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Sample Preparation Mills
The key to successful analysis, FOSS supply a wide range of laboratory Mills and Homogenisers to ensure that the analytical sample is representative of the bulk ensuring accuracy and precision for all your compositional analysis needs. Read more

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