We provide solutions for Analytical Laboratories working with Farms and Feed producers. Examples are Flour producers, Mills, Agricultural producers and Farms, Fruit and Nut farms, Oils and Syrups producers and Tobacco farmers. Protein measurements are common but also other analyses such as Fat determination and extraction of Oil.



Agricultural solutions

Our solutions for Farmers and Agricultural production: Determination of protein in grain, oats, barley, wheat, sugars, syrups, straw, plants and forage. Protein in cottonseed, cottonseed meals, ground cake or pellets from cottonseed. Total and Crude Fat in Corn, Maize, Rice, Peas and Wheat, Durum, Rye, Barley and Oats. Fat in Soy Flour, Feeds, and Mixed Feeds. Extraction of Oil in Cereal Adjuncts.


Solutions for feed

Our solutions for producers of Animal and Fish Feed: Determination of protein in animal feed stuff, forage (plant tissue), grain, oilseeds, pet food and protein in residues from other production processes. Total and Crude fat in Cattle-, Cat-, Dog-, Horse-, Chicken-, Rabbit- and Pig feed. Fat in cereal grains, forages and in fish meals. Extraction of oil from distilled grains waste.

Flour and Milling

Solutions for mills and flour producers

Solutions for Mills and producers of Flour: Determination of protein in flour, starch, starch derived products, molasses, soybean meal and other oil-seed byproducts. Crude or Total fat in wheat flour, corn flour and soy flour. Fat in feeds and mixed feeds.


Fruits and Nuts

Solutions for fruit and nut farms

Solutions for Fruit and Nut farms: Protein determination in fruits, fruit products, nuts and nut products. Determination of Fat in nuts and nut products. Total SO2 in dried apricots, dried fruits and Total SO2 in fruit juices.

Oils and Syrups

Solutions for producers of syrup

Our Solutions for producers of Syrups, Palm, Coconut and other Oils: Protein determination in residues from palm oil production such as palm kernel cake, palm oil sludge (POS) and palm pressed fibre (PPF). Protein in soybean meal and other oilseed by-products. Extraction oil from press fiber, rape, soya beans and sunflower seeds.


Solutions for tobacco producers

Our Analytical solutions for Producers of Tobacco: Determination of Total Alkaloids in Tobacco, Total oxidised Nitrogen, Nitrite (NO2) and Nitrate (NO3) and extraction of alkaloids from Tobacco

olive production

Fast and accurate analysis on-the-spot is a key tool for olive millers to extract as much oil as possible from the olives and improve production profit. Our instruments are accurate and easy to use.

Grain collection and trade

The value of grain and oilseed is determined by its characteristics, and only by identifying and segregating qualities can the total value be optimized. Whether you trade in wheat, barley, corn, soybeans or other products, rapid and accurate analytical results will help you make the best business decisions.

Oilseed milling

Having worked with major companies within the industry for many years, Perten Instruments has gained great experience in how to help oilseed millers work more efficiently.

Seed breeding

It all start with breeders. The development of new cultivars is perhaps the most important means of improving quality traits and yields, and dramatic improvements have been achieved in the “green revolution”.


Producing petfood isn’t easy. It has to look good to the consumer, it has to taste good to the pet, it has to meet nutritional requirements, and it has to be produced in a profitable way.

The solution to these seemingly contradicting requirements is the use of advanced analytical equipment. Perten Instruments has worked with petfood companies for many years and has the necessary tools.

With these tools you will be able to determine parameters such as moisture, protein, fat and more in just a few seconds. Our analyzers are fast, accurate, rugged and easy to use, and typically pay back their investment cost in less than a year.

Aquafeed analysis solutions

Aquafeed producers are faced with the difficult task of producing to the same specifications week after week, with profitability, as raw materials and their prices constantly change. The only way to succeed is to have full knowledge of your raw materials and your process. Perten Instruments offers analysis equipment for rapid testing of finished feed as well as all types of ingredients. Make the right formulations, test starch characteristics, control your drying, and make sure you meet finished feed specifications.

On-line and Lab NIR Tobacco Analysis

Accurate NIR analysis of moisture, oven volatiles, nicotine, sugars and more – from leaf processing to cigarette production

Perten is a leading supplier of advanced NIR instruments for on-line and lab use. Our analyzers are used by global tobacco companies worldwide for process control and quality control of all types of tobacco products.

  • Accurate moisture / oven volatiles with no batch-to-batch adjustments required
  • Nicotine and sugars with similar accuracy as reference methods
  • Additional parameters such as menthol, ammonia, nitrates and more