Analytical Laboratories working with Wine, Beer, spirits and other beverages can reduce their costs and increase their precision with OPSIS LiquidLINE solutions. Beverages industries can be Malt and Beer producers, Wineries, Cider producers, Juice factories, Tea and Coffee plantations, Whiskey, Cognac, and other spirits producers. In all these industries there is need for precise and accurate analysis. The results will affect both quality and quantity of the final product.



Our solutions for Beer and Beer related production: Determination of protein in compressed or granular yeast, malt, wort, barley and beer. Extraction of fat in barley. Determination of alcohol or Total SO2 in beer.


Our solutions for Wine related production: Determination of protein, Volatile Acids and alcohol in wine or vinegars. Total SO2 in wine.


In the 30 years Perten Instruments has supplied analyzers to maltsters, the interest in quality control has grown continuously.

Today maltsters test the grain they purchase and the finished malt, using a wide range of analytical methods to ensure that they will have an efficient malting process, and will be able to produce the malt qualities requested by their customers.

In addition to NIR grain analyzers, Perten Instruments offers unique tools such as the Rapid Visco Analyser, the single kernel testing for determination of barley homogeneity, and the Falling Number method for sprout damage detection.

Analysis instruments for sugar producers

Instruments for rapid lab analysis and continuous process measurement of cane, beets, sugar and more

In sugar production large numbers of samples are analyzed every day. When wet chemistry methods are used, results take time and tie up lab capacity. Our NIR instruments give you accurate results in just a few seconds, and can even be placed in your process for real-time analysis.

All types of samples are easily analyzed, from shredded cane and brei, to molasses and finished sugar, and everything in between. You will save time and money, and improve efficiency in your production processes.

Ethanol production

Perten’s analytical instruments help ethanol producers improve efficiency. Whether you produce ethanol from agricultural feedstock, cellulosic materials such as agricultural residues, dedicated energy crops, wood residues or paper waste – Perten can help you test feedstock and enzymes, monitor production processes and verify specification of by-products.

  • The DA 7250™ NIR analyzes incoming and ground grain, fermentation stages and wet and dried distiller’s grain in a single instrument, with no sample preparation, in only 6 seconds.
  • The DA 7300™ NIR In-line provides real-time analysis of your DDG drying.
  • The RVA is a miniature pilot plan which allows you to mimic liquefaction and test enzymes.

Other Beverages

Other beverages can be distilleries and Spirits producers, juice factories, Tea and Coffee plantations and Soda manufacturers.