Laboratory milling of both hard and soft wheats.


• Gradually reduces wheat to obtain an extraction rate equivalent to an industrial mill.


• A patented mill diagram specifically designed to obtain precise information on the behavior of the wheat being evaluated.
• LabMill produces flour that is representative of the wheat being milled.


• Compliance with the ISO 27971 standard. (with factory settings)


Wheat can be characterized by its milling behavior (resistance to crushing and extraction rate) and by the quality of the flour produced. CHOPIN Technologies LabMill is designed to evaluate these two criteria.

LabMill is used to anticipate, in the laboratory, the behavior of wheat in the industrial mill, and to evaluate its extraction potential and the quality of the flour produced.


For Wheat Breeders
Use with as little as 50g samples of wheat.

For Millers
Choice of wheat, making blends, optimization of tempering, adaptation of settings…

For Ingredient Specialists
Milling up to 3.5kg in one pass, for bread-making tests.


For Control Labs and Research Institutes
Carrying out of repeatable and reproducible milling representative of the quality of wheat implemented.

For Universities, Schools…
Wheat milling education with a tool representative of industrial practices (grooved cylinders, smooth cylinders, sifting…).


CHOPIN’s LabMill incorporates patented innovations allowing for the combination of performance, precision, reproducibility, sturdiness, and ease of use.

Patented*, LabMill’s innovative milling diagram is comprised of 5 consecutive steps:
• 2 breaking steps to make flour, fine middlings, coarse middlings, and bran.
• 1 sizing step to reduce coarse middlings to flour, fine middlings, and fine bran.
• 2 or 3 reduction steps to reduce fine middlings to flour.

Equipped with a precise scale, LabMill’s feed system releases a constant flow of grain, adapted to every type of wheat.
The grinding unit automatically switches from a first-breaking configuration to a second-breaking configuration. Reduction and converting are carried out on the same pair of smooth cylinders, a bypass selects the corresponding sieve. The cylinders are mounted on eccentric bearings, which allows for special adjustments.


All access is via the top and front of the device, which allows you to carry out all analysis and maintenance operations in optimal ergonomic conditions.

LabMill was developed within the Milling Quality Consortium (AFSA, Arvalis-institut du végétal, ANMF, Danone Vitapole, INRA, IRTAC, Ulice, CHOPIN Technologies).

*Patent FR N° 0905572 | US N°9 067 210.