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Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform

The Raptor Integrated Analysis Platform is a lateral flow test strip reader with built-in incubation. The system provides an easy way to objectively analyze and store results of Neogen’s lateral flow tests. The system controls the timing, temperature and reading of the test strips, allowing users to simply add sample and walk away. The Raptor System protects the integrity of your data by processing and analyzing results without additional operator input. Raptor can be used with Neogen’s BetaStar® AdvancedBetaStar SReveal® Q+ AflatoxinReveal Q+ FumonisinReveal Q+ DON, and Reveal Q+ MAX test kits.

Raptor Integrated Analysis Platform offers:

  • Barcoded test strips identify the test type, lot and expiry
  • Add sample and walk away
  • System controls assay parameters for data integrity
  • Connectivity options for easy testing data integration
  • Wi-Fi or USB transfer of results
  • Utilizes Neogen Data Manager Software system for easy data analysis

Raptor and Raptor Solo

Neogen offers the same technology in two versions


Three ports for independent processing of three samples




Battery operated for complete portability