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In-line NIR sensor – DA 7300™

The DA 7300™ In-line NIR Analyzer is an advanced, modern NIR analyzer for use in Grain, Flour, Food and Feed processing.

It provides real-time information about the product as it is produced. Immediate access to this information, without having to wait for laboratory measurements, provides a number of advantages:

  • Enables automatic process control
  • Allows immediate manual intervention.
  • Faster start-up and grade changes
  • Complete traceability of the entire production

Features and benefits

Diode Array technology

Diode array technology offers several important advantages:
– Measures all wavelength simultaneously. When the product is moving, this becomes a really important advantage over older technologies. The Diode array measures all wavelengths over the entire spectra simultaneously, just like a digital camera takes an image. Other instrument technologies, including scanning mono-chromators, Spinning filter wheel instruments and FTNIR, measures the wavelengths sequentially. With the product moving, this equates to measuring one wavelength on one part of the product and the next wavelength on another part of the product. Therefore, the Diode Array technology is the most suitable for measurements on moving products.

– High performance with high signal-to-noise ratio
– Fast
– Low maintenance

The instrument is fitted wit h a scratch resistant sapphire window. This prolongs life time, enhances measurement performance and avoids regular service visits.

Industry standard communications interface

In order to integrate seamlessly to existing control systems, the instrument is equipped with and OPC server. All communication between the instrument, control system and any other systems can utilise this.

Open Information architecture

The data is available for access in an SQL Server database.


The colour camera brings several benefits:
– Measures Colour parameters L*, b* and a*
– Detects dark spots in flours, semolina and other powder products
– Provides images and live video for operators piece of mind as well as trouble shooing
– Detects when product is moving or stopped

Dual lamp with automatic switch-over.

Long term stability

In order to avoid down-time and costly rush repair jobs, the system is fitted with dual lamps. Once the primary lamp reach the end of its working life, the second lamp is automatically put in to operation in a seamless transition.

Internal reference measurements ensures long-term measurement stability

Intra-instrument agreement

A key to successful implementation is that all instruments, be it in the same factory or on different sites, actually measures the same values. One key feature in achieving this agreement is the dynamic wavelength axis stabilisation. This feature is included with all our DA instruments and significantly enhances calibration transfer performance and measurement agreement between the laboratory and the on-line instruments.

Rugged design to suit production environments

The instrument is designed and built for long life and trouble free operation in the harsh environments that sometimes exist in production facilities. With a high level of ingress protection, a vibration resistant design and with explosion classifications according to ATEX and IECEx, a suitable installation point can be found in most operations.


The instrument is designed to be easy to service. This includes easy access to parts, a modular design that is easy to trouble shoot and clear, unambiguous warning and error messages.

In order to improve the serviceability and thereby reduce maintenance costs and down-time, the instrument offers a range of diagnostic tools, including
– LED indicators on the back for status messages
– Log-files for warnings and errors
– Remote access through standard Windows tools for software up-dates, maintenance and trouble-shooting
– Easy access to consumable parts


Measure granules, pellets, powders, pastes, syrups, flakes, liquids and more. The most commonly measured parameters are moisture, protein, ash, fat/oil, fiber and starch.

Many options are available for mounting – all designed for specific uses and products. The DA 7300™ can be mounted on pipes, hoppers, conveyors, mixers, at the entrances of a product, at its outputs, before or after dryers, before packaging or at other critical points in the process.

The DA 7300™ is installed and used at many agri & food production sites worldwide. These are a few examples of its applications.

Flour Milling – Maximize flour extraction through accurate real-time ash measurements. Blend wheat and flour streams to reach target specifi cation. Optimize gluten addition.

Starch Production and Corn Milling – Cost and energy savings by monitoring and controlling the dryer, constant product quality and higher output by protein control loops and avoiding quality giveaways.

Oilseed Processing – Measure moisture, protein and oil in grain for pricing and binning. Monitor and optimize extraction and drying. Control moisture & fat in mixer. Higher productivity by increasing yield and avoiding faulty batches and rework. Control moisture loss in cooling and additions of molasses/oil.

Dairy Processing – Reduce energy costs when spray drying milk powder by monitoring product moisture in real-time. Minimize grade change-over time and reduce waste; monitor black particles. Optimize the fat /moisture content of butter. The DA 7300™ is USDA approved for installation in dairy processing plants.