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LactoScope FTIR Milk and Dairy Analyzers

The LactoScope FTIR instruments are used by leading dairy companies to measure fat, protein, lactose and more in milk and other dairy products.

LactoScope is a state-of-the art infrared instrument, with modern FTIR optics, and simple to use but powerful software. It comes in two versions, both offering the highest accuray and complying with ISO 9622, IDF141 and AOAC 972.16.

LactoScope models

We offer two models of the LactoScope, to suit the different needs of individual dairy operations.

LactoScope FT-A – Versatile Liquid Dairy Products Analyzer

The LactoScope FT-A is our most versatile instrument capable of testing a wide range of dairy product: milks, creams, whey, concentrates, ice-creams and yoghurt mixes.Lactoscope_FTA

The latest hardware innovations allow to easily test the most challenging dairy products, such as creams with 55% fat and other viscous products. With a typical accuracy under 1% CV, a measuring time of 30 seconds, low cost of ownership and minimal downtime, this instrument is the preferred choice of the large processors and dairy laboratories.

LactoScope FT-B – Milk Analyzer with Limited Capabilities for CreamLactoscope_FTB

With a typical accuracy under 1% CV and a measuring time of 45 seconds per sample, the FT-B is designed to answer the needs of the small-medium dairies and milk collection points that want to test milks, whey and creams with up to 40% fat. It has a low cost of ownership, minimal downtime, and worldwide technical support.


Both LactoScope models comply with the ISO 9622/IDF 141, AOAC 972.16 official methodology for the analysis of fat, protein, lactose, and total solids in milk. The FT-A is also ICAR certified, complying with ICAR protocols for the evaluation of milk analyzers and ISO 8196-3/IDF 128-3 for raw cow milk.

3C™ Solution

The 3C™ Solution is used monthly in place of costly reference standard sets. It significantly reduces the amount of calibration maintenance needed and standardizes all calibrations on an instrument.

Operators simply analyze the 3C™ Solution and the LactoScope user software automatically calculates any required adjustments. The software then prompts the operator to simply “accept” the calculated adjustments and applies adjustments to all product channels. By reducing the amount of recalibration sets the operator needs to purchase in addition to the time involved managing the product channels, the 3C™ Solution provides another tool for users that adds value and lowers costs.


Standard parameters: Butterfat, protein, lactose, total solids, SNF
Additional parameters: Added water, true protein, casein, NPN/calculated urea, free fatty acids, pH, citric acid, density, other carbohydrates
Measuring speed: 80-120 samples/hour
Measuring range for undiluted samples: Fat 0%-55%, Protein 0%-25%, Carbohydrates 0%-25%, Total solids 0%-60%
Repeatability in general (CV*): ≤ 0.25%
Accuracy typically (CV*): ≤ 1% (bulk samples from cow milk)
Sample volume: Typical 10 ml
Sample temperature: 4°C to +42°C (35.5°F to +107.5°F)
System dimensions (D x W x H): 17.72″ x 33.46″ x 19.70″ (45 cm x 230 cm x 50 cm)
Weight: 190 lb (86kg)
Power supply: 110 V-240V, 50 to 60 Hz, 650 VA incl. PC
Compliance: CE, EMC directive 89/336/EC, Low-voltage directive 73/23/EC, IDF 141/ ISO9266/ Uses AOAC approved methodology/ The management system governing the manufacturing of this product is ISO 9001 registered.

*CV, Coefficient of Variation is equal to the standard deviation divided by the average of the sample tested, times 100. Rose-Gottlieb for fat, Kjelldahl for protein, HPCL for lactose, and oven method for total solids.