Rheo F4

Measures the characteristics of dough during proofing.


• Measures within a single test:
– The dough development.
– The production of gas due to yeast action.
– The porosity of the dough.
– The tolerance of the dough during proofing.


• Analyzes all types of yeast dough due to the fact that the protocol can be customized.


• Automated testing and monitoring via PC software.


The volume of finished products depends on both the quantity of
CO2 produced by the yeast and the dough’s gas-retaining properties.

The Rheo F4 provides a complete analysis of the proofing
properties flours by measuring the production of CO2, the volume
of dough, as well as its porosity and tolerance during proofing.


• Determination of the optimum baking time.

• Monitoring the activity of fresh and dried yeasts.

• Analysis of complete formulas containing sugar, fats, etc.

• Analysis of high fiber recipes.

• Analysis of durum wheat semolina.

• Analysis of the effects of additives such as cysteine, ascorbic acid, vitamins, etc.


• Ergonomic:
Lightweight compact device that will fit into your laboratory with ease.

• Economical:
Simplified design, low maintenance, 1 single consumable (soda lime).