After sales, 24 hours services is one of the core area that make us differ from others, Our engineers are of specialized professional field area having acquired international training up to date for resolution and update on challenges feel free to contact us. Click here

Calibration Services

When starting to use a new equipment, calibration is good to validate and analyse it. Especially if it was developed using a different reference lab than one, it will be compared to in routine use. M.L.R (Multiple Linear Regression), PLS (Parrtial Least Squares), Local, HR (Honigs Regression) or ANN (Artificial Neutral Networks). We have it, all you need is to contact us, we have experts that can help you with that.

Installation and Commissioning

No matter the manufacturer of the Equipment we can set up the lab and install for you. You can contact our technical team via our email.

Maintenance and Repair

We have experienced engineers that are well trained to help maintain and fix your equipment whenever your want, some of the benefits you enjoy from our maintenance and repair service are;

  • Less down time
  • More Accurate/Reliable
  • Low production cost/Reliable result
  • Profitable
  • Balanced Budget planning

Why do we service as at when Due?

  • No breakdown
  • Minimized Standstill
  • Cost efficient
  • Credibility¬†
  • Less Emergency

You can follow this link below to report your faulty equipment.

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