JaaGee Ltd is wholly Nigerian owned company with international partners.

We represent a number of manufacturers and we are sole agents to all the manufacturers/retailers listed in our partners page.

The company Jaagee was established in Nigeria as a limited liability company in 1987.

It has risen to become a major player (in our core area of operation) not only in Nigeria but also in the West African coast.


Our KjelROC range of automatic Kjeldahl analyzers offers innovative, precise and cost efficient solutions for Distillation, Titration and determination of protein according to the Kjeldahl method. The Kjeldahl apparatus provides steam distillation according to official methods and the OPSIS LiquidLINE unique Predictive Titration, patent pending, gives several advantages in the lab.

Increase Efficiency. Reduce Costs

The possibility to send and receive results without additional software, computers and cables, significantly reduces the integration and IT costs…

Inframatic 9500 NIR Grain Analyzer

The most modern and accurate grain analyzer available

Perten Instruments is the number one company in grain quality testing and has produced Near Infrared grain analyzers for 30 years. The Inframatic 9500 is the latest Inframatic model, and offers the best accuracy available.

It is reliable, robust, and built to meet the requirements of grain handling operations. It analyzes a wide range of grains and oilseeds for moisture, protein, oil and many other parameters in less than 30 seconds.

Ankom 2000 Fiber Analyzer

The ANKOM2000 Fiber Analyzer has been subjected to rigorous testing over a broad range of sample types, and is used by ANKOM for the NFTA and AAFCO check sample programs. The ANKOM2000 Fiber Analyzer provides increased automation to enhance laboratory operations and reduce labor costs. Automation eliminates chemical and hot water handling. The Instrument requires very little space.

Fibre test results can be determined for Acid Detergent Fiber, Neutral Detergent Fiber, and Crude Fiber for all feeds and forages. The ANKOM2000 is accurate and precise when compared to conventional fibre methods. Most elements of technician variability are eliminated and there is no separate filtration step, so consistent results are achieved time after time.

Filter bags encapsulate sample which prevents error and allows filtration to occur passively. Filter bags also enable batch processing of up to 24 samples at a time.