Analysis instruments for dairy products

Our instruments are extremely versatile. Use them to aid in product development, formulation, and optimization. Use them to measure ingredients before they enter your process. Use them to improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce costs – while improving quality.

Dairy products are versatile materials that require many different analyses dependent upon the material in question and its use. The information required falls into two general groupings:

  • Compositional Information:
    Moisture, Total Solids, Protein, Fat etc. is required for formulation and nutritional information.
  • Functional Information:
    How the product will perform – melt, flow, stick, etc. – under specific conditions in a specific formulation or matrix.

Our solutions can determine total protein in liquid cow’s (whole, partially skimmed or skimmed milk), goat’s and sheep’s whole milk. Determination of protein in hard, semi-hard and processed cheese. Protein in butter, dried milk and dried milk products. There are also solutions for determination of non-protein Nitrogen as well as calculation of pure Protein by measuring both total and non-protein nitrogen.

OPSIS LiquidLINE has solutions for determination of Casein and Hot Solvent extraction of Fat in cheese, butter, yoghurt, margarine and milk powder.