We have a wide range of solutions for laboratories working in mining, industrial production, chemical, plastics, electronics, car, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and textile industries. Common application is nitrogen determination or extraction of matter for further analyses.


Rubber and Plastics

Solutions for plastics

Our solutions for producers of Rubber and Plastics: Nitrogen determination is used in many applications. Hot solvent extraction can be used for;

  •  Extraction of plasticisers from PVC-tubing
  •  Extraction of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  •  Hot solvent extractions from rubber
  •  Extraction from styrene plastics, melamine and polymers.
  •  Extraction of antioxidants in polypropylene production
  •  Extraction of migration components in plastics packaging
  •  Extraction of plasticisers and additives in plastic parts used in car production
  •  Extraction of plastics and resins in electronic devices



Solutions for the cosmetic industry

Solutions for Cosmetics industries: Nitrogen in Hair Dye, Extraction from organic Dye stuffs and extraction of Faecal Fat.


Solutions for other industries

Other Industrial solutions: Nitrogen in Coal, Leather, Crude and Refined Oil. Determination of Ammonia (NH3), Urea-N and Ammonium (NH4). Determination of Formaldehyde in paints, textiles and household products. Hot solvent extractions for;

  • Extraction of core material before further analyses, common in petroleum exploration.
  • Extraction of mineral oil from rocks
  • Extraction from Iron and other mineral powders
  • Extraction of resins from Tar, used in road construction
  • Extraction of explosives and propellants to determine the content of nitroglycerine, nitrocellulose and similar compounds.
  • Extraction of paraffin and surfactant from detergents
  • Extraction of plasticisers and additives in plastic parts used in car production.
  • Extraction of plastics and resins in electronic devices
  • Extraction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in electrical and electronic equipment
  • Extraction from Wood Chips and Paper Pulp
  • Extraction of Resins From Paper Pulp
  • Extractable matter in Leather
  • Determination of oils, fats and waxes in cotton using extraction
  • Extraction of Finishing Oils from Textiles and Synthetic Fibers

Lab & process analysis of wood based panels & composite boards

Wood based panels and composite boards

With a 35+ year history of near-infrared analysis, Our Instruments is excited to bring our experience and technology to composite board and wood based panel manufacturers.

Rapid and accurate analysis of wood based products is essential to optimizing profit, quality control, and avoiding costly fines.

Our 3rd generation diode array based NIR instruments provide the speed, accuracy, versatility, and robustness required in wood applications. Our instruments provide simultaneous, multi-component analysis – moisture, resin load, and more – in seconds. The speed enables true on-line monitoring – even for fast moving materials. The full range spectrum allows us to use advanced calibration techniques. It’s possible to calibrate for complex parameters and to provide stable, accurate moisture measurements over time with no need to reset/adjust the moisture meter periodically. With lab, at-line, and process instrument available, we can meet your analysis requirements.

Example applications include:

  • Particleboard – Resin load, Board Moisture, Chip Moisture
  • MDF – Board moisture, Fiber moisture, Resin load
  • Resins – Molar ratio, Dry matter, Melamine content

Resin production

The uses of UF/MUF resins are many and varied. They are key components in many wood products like particleboard, MDF, impregnated papers, flooring, laminated beams, shuttering boards etc. Consistent resin quality is important for high productivity and yield in the wood products manufacturing processes.

Our Instruments offers analytical instruments that can measure key resin parameters in a few seconds. This helps resin producers to optimize production and minimize the risk of ‘out-of-spec’ resins being delivered.