JaaGee Laboratory is a well equipped laboratory with the best equipment, used for Control Analysis. We offer analytical services carried out by experienced and versatile analyst. Our staff are well trained in food and feed chemistry, grain and flour quality control management.

Our Laboratory services range from;

–HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatography: For vitamins analysis and other HPLC analysis.
–Elemental Determination using AAS {Calcium,Phosphorus, Potassium and So on}.
–Mycotoxin {Aflatoxin, Fuminosin, Ochratoxin} using Neogen Accuscan Gold Reader.
–Proximate Analysis which comprises of Fat, Moisture content, Crude Protein, Crude Fiber, Ash content and CHO.
–Nitrogen content using Opsis Distillation Unit and Digestor.
–Fiber Fractions {Acid Detergent fiber, Neutral Detergent Fiber, Acid Detergent Lignin in Feed and Forages using simplified methods}.
–Functional Properties;
   Water Absorption Capacity.
   Swelling Capacity.
   Emulsification Capacity.
–Oil Analysis;
   Acid Value
   Iodine ValueFree Fatty Acid
   Saponification Value
   Peroxide Value
–Refractive Index using Refractometer
–Total Titratable Acidity {TTA}
–Gross Energy with Combustion Calorimeter.
–Cyanide Determination in Foods.
–Microbial analysis of Soil, Water, Food and Feed.