JB Nova Unstirred Water Baths

General purpose water baths with stable temperature control, simple interface and fast heat-up. A choice of four models with a base tray and lid included as standard.

  • Temperature range ambient +5u00baC to 95u00baC operation
  • Stability: u00b10.5u00baC
  • Unique Set and Forgetu00aeu00a0technology u2013 fast heat-up, reliable temperature control
  • Simple, intuitive controls u2013 quick and easy to set temperature
  • Practical front panel lock u2013 disables front panel controls preventingu00a0unintentional changes
  • Suitable for use with heat transfer beads
  • Drain tap on 12L, 18L and 26L baths


  • Practical science demonstration, sample warming, sample preparation, QC materials, sample thawing, sample incubation, media preparation
  • Markets: Education and industry

Optima T100 Heated Circulating Bath

The Grant T100 series of general purpose heating circulating bathsu00a0offeru00a0accurate temperate control for staightforward applicationsu00a0in the range of 0u00b0C to 100u00b0C.u00a0The T100 heating circulator can be used in combination with any Grant stainless steel or plastic tank or with a T-CLAMP for independent use of virtually anyu00a0vertical sided tank.

  • Cooling/heating range 0u00b0C to 100u00b0C
  • Stabilityu00a0u00b10.05u00baC / Uniformityu00a0u00a0u00b10.1u00baC
  • Tank options 5L to 38L
  • 3 programmable temperature presets
  • Low liquid protection and fixed over temperature cut-out
  • Visual alarm u2013 alerts you when your attention is required
  • Clear, bright 4 digit LED display


  • Clinical, Microbiology and Pathology labs u2013 media tempering, thawing and incubating samples
  • Teaching labs, higher education/universities u2013 practical demonstration/experimentation, sample preparation