Laboratory Furniture

Certified Fume Hood

Lab Plus offers a wide range of certified fume hood made by leading international manufacturers conforming to international standards for usage in laboratories with approval from all the leading quality and safety institutions; while providing quality with performance, beauty and ease to operate.

International standards

American standard ASHRAE 110-1995

ASHRAE 110-1995(ANSI Approved) is one of the most challenging standard in the world that test containment efficiency of a fume hood. The efficiency is derived from the fume hood’s ability to contain the released challenge gas under normal operation.

European Standard EN 14175

EN 14175 is a harmonized European standard which supersedes the former national standards of Germany, the UK and France. The EN14175 is comprised of a series of containment tests besides the normal face velocity tests. The containments test includes, the inner measurements plane test, Outer measurements plane Test and the robustness of containment Test. A key element of the test, which simulates airflow disturbance in front of the hood.

Models available for various purpose.

  • Motorized sash with IR sensor for automatic closure
  • Restricted Bypass Fume Hood
  • Benchtop fume Hood
  • Perchloric Acid Hood
  • Radioisotope Hood
  • Acid Digestion Hood
  • Walk-ing Fume Hood
  • Ductless Fume hood

Stainless Steel Furniture

Stainless steel furniture play an important role in our day today life and clearing of furniture also an important aspect of life, Comparably with other furniture cleaning of stainless steel for easier and more hygienic from harmful bacteria and viruses. The cleaning ability of stainless steel makes the first choice in Food Industries, Hospitality industries, Kitchens for schools & collages. Stainless steels ability to meet these stringent demands and simultaneously provide superior clean ability and, critically, hygiene has led to the material’s acceptance as the number one choice in the food service industry. Stainless steels hygienic properties, corrosion resistance, strength and formability are important benefits to fabricators and users in this sector In food service equipment, stainless steel is required to resist aggressive fluids, abrasive materials and impacting utensils, to give off no undesirable compounds and to maintain its attractive appearance. Stainless steel is basically inert to most of the acids/alkalis released by cooked foods / vegetables, additives etc. It does not normally get pitted, thus avoiding the worst chance for bacterial infection.

Stainless steel can withstand fire for a long time and does not warp or buckle easily. Stainless steel can retain its natural color for a very long time. Stainless steel is practically impervious to corrosive attack by animal fats, blood, salts, fruit and vegetable acids, human waste, detergents and moisture.

Stainless steel is easy to clean and with only a minimum of maintenance, stainless steel can be maintained in the as-new condition for decades. Stainless steel is mechanically resistant. Kitchen sinks and cooking utensils of stainless steel withstand shock and abrasion. Stainless steel is environment friendly. It can be recycled or remade. In fact, disposal properties are a particular asset of stainless steel. Stainless steel is theoretically 100% recyclable. If passed through a waste incineration process. Using stainless steel will result in a very long life compared to mild steel on account of its great resistance to corrosion. Structures made from stainless steel will last many times the normal life. Stainless steel is probably more expensive to buy in the beginning. This lab furniture usually cheaper in the long run since it lasts for a long time and there is little or no maintenance and repair costs. A wide range of stainless steel decorative finishes are available with us, from mirror-polished to matte. Satin smooth or mirror bright, stainless steel lends its beauty to its surroundings, blending perfectly with other fixtures and finishes. The bright, easily maintained surface of stainless steel provides a modern and attractive appearance. Stainless steel resists denting, nicking and scratching under the most vigorous of operating conditions.

Under Bench Cabinets

Wooden Cabinet

Lab Plus offers a wide range of cabinetry to suit all purposes. Storage cabinets with adjustable shelves, drawer cabinets, sink cabinets, glassware cabinets, waste bin cabinets, open cabinets, and knee hole cabinets. The core materials of cabinetry are 18mm thick Water Boil Proof plywood with melamine lamination on both sides with 3mm thick PVC edging for door and drawer front and 0.45mm thick tape edging for carcass. Corrosion proof snap on self closing hinges opening up to 165 degrees adjustable in 4 directions. The cabinetry comes with plastic grab holds or Handles/ extruded aluminum grab rail powder coated to Client’s choice of colors. The cabinetry also available in heavy duty castors.

Steel Cabinet

Lab Plus offers a wide range of cabinetry (Single wall /Double Wall Constructions) to suit all purposes, in electro galvanized powder coated steel with different RAL colors. The carcass/door/drawer front for single wall construction for different cabinetry modules will be with 18 gauge and the drawers,integrated with full extension drawer slides which opens completely and smoothly for easy access to the contents. The carcass/ door/ drawers front for double wall construction for a different cabinetry module will be 20 gauges with sound deadening materials and the drawers, integrated with full extension drawer slides which open completely and smoothly for easy access to the contents. Providing Institutional type, five knuckle projecting barrel hinges for doors. Fix two hinges for doors up to 36” high; three hinges for doors over 36” high. The hinges will drill on each leaf for three screw attachment to door and frame. The cabinetry also available in heavy duty castors.

Epoxy Resin Worktop

The worktop shall be monolithic, filled epoxy resin product and shall consist of a polymerized cast resin material formulated to provide a work surface with high chemical resistance characteristics. The combination of epoxy resin and asbestos free inert material shall be oven-cured in molds to obtain maximum physical strength and stability. It is available in thickness of 19mm and different color combination. Edges and corners furnished with flat, radius marine edges to prevent spillage of fluids. Worktops shall be provided with 100mm high backsplash ever shown in drawing same material and thickness as worktop. Applied backsplashes are to be joined to the top at the job site. Also these tops shall be highly resistant to normally used laboratory reagents.


Worktop with very good level of chemical resistance, recommended for moisture and wet areas, high temperature load areas, areas with stress on chemical load. Not suitable for sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, nitric acid, potassium permanganate, various solvents.