AccuScan Pro reader

AccuScan® Pro from Neogen® consists of a lateral flow test reader and data management software. The system provides an easy method to objectively read, store, and analyze results from Neogen’s line of lateral flow tests. The reader contains a digital camera with a housing that interprets Neogen’s BetaStar®Reveal®Reveal Q+ and Reveal Q+ MAX test strips.

Features and Benefits

  • Multipurpose AccuScan Pro reads and records all Neogen BetaStarRevealReveal Q+ and Reveal Q+ MAX products.
  • Complete archival recording.
  • By recording the sample identification, results, time and date, the AccuScan Pro eliminates manual recording and assists with report generation.
  • Export to AccuScan Pro Data Manager software.
  • Provides additional reporting, tracking and trending capabilities.

AccuScan Pro offers:

AccuScan Pro’s digital reading eliminates subjectivity from sample to sample, and technician to technician.

By recording the result, sample ID, time and date, AccuScan Pro eliminates manual recording, provides easy reporting and permanent, traceable results.

Simple PC interface.
AccuScan Pro test results can be exported to the Data Manager software for powerful and permanent reporting, and tracking and trend analysis.

Intuitive operation.
AccuScan Pro’s symbol based icons and multi-lingual support is easy-to-use.

AccuScan Pro is from Neogen, a proven leader in food safety innovation that has been in business since 1982. We take pride in our unequaled, 24-hour customer service.