Hydrolysis_Instrument_HydROC_Total_FatOPSIS LiquidLINE brings an innovative solution for Acid Hydrolysis, making Total Fat determinations more efficient and safe. The hazardous Hydrolysis process can now safely be performed with up to six samples simultaneously. The unique HydROC filter brings additional cost and time savings.

Save Costs with Clever Filter Technology

The HydROC filter can be used several times which makes it more cost efficient than any other solution on the market.
Clever solution saves cost on other consumables.
System compatible with several other extraction systems on the market

Reduce Errors in Total Fat Analysis

The HydROC filter can be used in both hydrolysis and extraction steps, avoiding sample transfer errors and saving time.
The HydROC and SoxROC batch handling system saves time when moving samples between hydrolysis and extraction.
Complete separation of samples removes the risk for contamination.

Safe Design

The Acid Hydrolysis is performed in a closed system, reducing risks for the operator.
Sample rinsing without any contact with Acid reduces safety hazards.
Complies with standardized methods.