Soxhlet instrument SoxROC
The OPSIS LiquidLINE SoxROC Extraction Unit is an automated hot solvent instrument that can extract fat according to official methods. The instrument is based on Randall and Twisselmann techniques, using hot solvent and a closed system to reduce extraction time versus manual Soxhlet. The SoxROC follows officially approved methods for fat extraction.

The SoxROC is designed to be flexible and is therefore also capable of extractions using other solvents and samples. Available in 2 and 6 position models. 

Reduce Time. Reduce Errors.

Fat extraction cups in aluminiumWith SoxROC, you can extract as many as 42 samples per day with no loss in precision or accuracy.

Automation of all extraction steps and an innovative batch handling reduces risk for errors. Typically up to five times faster than the classical Soxhlet technique. 

Reduce Costs

Spare parts for Soxhlet extractionUnique sealing system with more than 90% recovery reduces cost for solvents and efficient water cooling reduce water consumption.

A large selection of seals, cups and standard thimbles reduces costs when changing between applications and solvents.

One single compact system without wires or computers reduces costs for installation and operation. 

Add Flexibility. Add Safety.

Hot solvent extraction for fat or extractable matter

Unique control of solvent removal adds flexibility for different applications.

Security with high standard against dust, liquids and explosives. All valves close to solvents are ATEX classified.

Operator safety is important and the SoxROC is equipped with protection shield, closed addition of solvents, and easy removal of recovered solvents.